Wednesday, December 10, 2008

some random pics

Christmas Play/ Concert

I play the oboe in concert band, and we played songs like, an Old Fashioned Christmas, A Twisted Night Before Christmas, and Up on the House Top. For the play, I was stage crew- I was in charge of the curtains. The play we put on this year was called An Old fashioned Christmas! The setting was in a toy store, and everyone on stage, except the store owners, were dressed up as some kind of toy, the play went smoothly as only one or two people forgot their lines. The play was last night ( Tuesday night) and it went pretty well!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Concert/ Christmas Play

These are a few pictures of me before the Christmas Concert


Well, it has been awile since we've posted any new updates, but we do have a few now that its December!

Anyway, these are some photos of me in my school's basketball team just had a tornament_ we won 1st place!! [[AS ALWAYS]] No, really, we usually always win first place in tornaments and games. Cheerleading, though is just about opposite. But thats becuase we've gone from coach to coach since all of them hasn't lasted a year almost! Anyway,